Four forgotten characters that you totally remember!

Think of a gaming hero, who do you think of? Being a Nintendo blog I’d be upset if you would had Mario, Link, Kirby, Fox and DK missing from your list.  Nintendo history is littered with forgotten characters that Captain Rainbow seems to be pushing for people (at least in Japan) to remember.  Though the forgotten Nintendo characters are not on my heart at the minute for today I look at forgotten gaming characters where you totally remember.  What do I mean by that?  I’m pretty sure with the characters listed you’ll mostly know who they are but would never list them in your top list of gaming characters, forgotten at first but remembered when you hear about them. So who are my four?

Alex Kidd

Ohhhh yeah!


This is where I got the idea for this article from, I used to moderate a forum where we had a greatest game of all time tournament and the thing that struck me is how few people heard of Alex Kidd.  A quick history lesson, before Sonic Alex Kidd was Sega’s hottest commodity though he was more a flash in the pan than a long stay.  Between 1986 and 1990 Alex Kidd appeared In no less than six video games from Master System to Mega Drive (Genesis).  Since then he’s been overshadowed by Sonic and almost forgotten, he’s had a few cameo’s including Shenmue and Segagaga.  Strangely he also makes a couple of appearances as an unlockable character in Sega Super Stars Tennis and Sonic & Sega all-stars racing.

Cool Spot


Ohhh yeah!


He looks cool, he’s round, wears shades and is red. Red like the blood of a thousand souls.  He’s actually a marketing ploy by 7up and featured in Four games between 1990 and 1995 which ranged from NES to MegaDrive and GameBoy thrown in for good measure. Starting his career as a surfer and ending up in Hollywood.  Not bad for a generic platformer!

James Pond


Ohh yeah!


Before 1997 there wasn’t much in way of James Bond games, and definitely not good ones.  There was, however, plenty of scope for a fishy version of our hero who went by the wonderfully punny (made up word) name of James Pond.  Pond appeared in five games with the last one actually coming out last month for the iFamily of devices and was named deathly shallows,but we’ll ignore that.  Pond’s main stay was from 1990-1993 in which we had three main games and a rather dire attempt at a spin off.  The games were quite popular and the last in the series brought Pond in space, he also received a cameo in Rolo to the rescue.  Have you noticed a trend here? To be a forgotten character you have to have a platformer franchise from the early 90s.  Surely that won’t be the same for our next entrant?

Bubsy the Bobcat


Oh No!


Oh man!  The franchise started in 1993 with “…in Claws Encounters of the Furred kind” and ended with the disastrous Bubsy 3D.  Now Bubsy gets a lot of stick, he’s a cat with attitude, Sonic was a Hedgehog with attitude but the horrible puns grew fast pretty quickly.  Ignore that tough and the platforming elements were pretty darn good, shame he’s easily one of the most annoying characters ever.

 Some great memories here for some great platforming games of the 90s, what happened? Well I guess the 90s got pretty dated and fast!


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  1. This post is the nuts. These were all great 80/90’s games. I certainly never forgot them!

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