Hidden Gem: The World Ends With You

It’s that time of the week again where we’re ready for NLHG and this week we have our first DS game.  I debated a few games to add to the list but this one I’m going 10% off my first hours play and that is “The World Ends With You.”  Made by Square Enix and released in Japan in June 2007 it made its way west in April of 2008.  This seems to be a true hidden gem, I’d heard of it but new next to nothing about it and the hour or so I’ve played has been quite enjoyable.


Game cover


You’re Neku and you’re forced to play some sort of game that will decide my fate.  So far I’ve met a couple of other characters who I believe will be my part allies as the game progresses.  The battle style is rather unique with the top screen fought using the d-pad and the bottom screen fought using the touch screen.  You fight using ‘pins’ which are badges for us Brits and so far I’ve had a mix of Fire, Lightning, Thunder and some fist thing.  The assumption is that these build up as the game goes on which is a nice little addition, I like the mix of gameplay here that is both your typical JPRPG yet not at the same time.


 Aside from gameplay the game looks great visually; an almost comic style effect makes it feel like a true escapism game more than what you usually have.  I also like the characterisation of Neku for the simple reason that he’s a bit of a dick, something that you don’t usually get in a an RPG and that makes a refreshing change.  My initial impressions are that I will quite enjoy this game but that may change as I dig in, so the latest game to be added to NLHG is “The World Ends With You.”

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  1. Fantastic game. The art style is slick and stylish and the music is very catchy. The story, though, is where the game really shines. I absolutely love it. The main premise of the game is interesting enough but it’s when the twists and turns hit and you find out about each characters’ past that it gets brilliant. Very emotional and very well done. Definitely deserving of a NLHG induction.

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