How to spot a non gamer

I wrote this for a competition held by though I didn’t win I still appeared on the list of other entries.  Here it is:

Have a look around you? What do you see? It was once said that there were two distinct groups of people “gamers and non-gamers” I decided to put this to the test.

Phase one took place on the public transport system, I pulled out my DS and played Mario Kart, I chose exactly where I was to sit and sat opposite two teenage girls. “Ha look at him he’s playing on a DS” said one “I wouldn’t be seen dead playing a game in public!” That’s fine, I’m a geek so I’m used to abuse though my point was proven within five minutes as the first one pulls out her iPhone and shows her friend how well she’s doing on Angry Birds.

Phase two took place at work, my colleague is someone who is anti-gaming and reads the Daily Mail.“Gaming is what is causing youths to be promiscuous and is the sole cause of the increase in youth gang culture” or something to that effect, I generally can’t be bothered arguing in a back and forth fashion with him, I check Facebook and see on his activity:

“Gary has completed a collection in Farmville!”

That was two people in a day who hated video games, yet somehow didn’t realise they actually played them. There’s no such thing as a non-gamer.



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