NLHG: No More Heroes

Well I thought I’d get this induction out of the way seeing as the main character is in my graphic for NLHG.  This weeks induction is No More Heroes which appeared on the Wii (and since then the Ps3), I’ll be honest and say this game surprised me.

Created by Suda 51 both games have received great praise for their hardcore style which shows the Wii can cater to both markets. You’re Travis Touchdown and through a series of events you aim to become the number one assassin in the Unites Assassins Association’s league.

Whatever happened...?

Today I mowed a lawn, killed someone, played with a kitty, worked out at the gym, got some coconuts off the ground and then went off to the shop to buy a T-shirt.  This game is brilliant, it’s nothing like I thought it was like initially I thought it would be another Madworld (rated highly but I hated it) and I was so wrong.

I guess the best way to describe the game is if you imagine Scott Pilgrim was a video game, you have your references to other games added with wrestling geekery and the kill 10 people and when they die you get money aspect.  It has a very old school feel with a new school visuals and the controls work so well, I’ve not finished it yet as I had a new job to attend but when it is expect a proper review.

No More Heroes has been added to the list.  Next week will be a DS game.

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