NLHG: Six inductions!

For the first look at NLHG I look at Six games that I’ve already written about but with a host of new readers I thought I may as well start off where I originally started  so apologies if you’ve already read it.

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

An action adventure point and click game is something that kind of died out about 15 years ago, whilst classics such as Monkey Island hold special places in our memory for most Z&W has been overlooked.  This game offers taking puzzles as well as great comedy that goes a lot deeper than the cutesy graphics would make you believe.  This is definitely one to buy and you can get it very cheap brand new.

Mini Ninjas

Another cheap game (I got it £9 brand new from blockbuster) Mini Ninjas received a multi platform release and it is great fun.  You’re a mini ninja called Hiro who fills the stereotypes of being called on an “epic adventure” it’s an action adventure style game but you also have five people to help you on your journey.  All five (plus yourself) have different powerups including one with mega strength, a blow dart expert, an archer, someone who thinks they’re a tiger and someone with a Naginata.  Great game, great story, great gameplay…quite immersive.

de Blob

Another one of those games I always struggle to explain well, but it’s great fun.  Just watch the video:

Mushroom Men The Spore Wars

I love this platformer, a brilliant story, nice and dirty visuals (by dirty I mean grungy).  The story is about four Mushroom tribes who arrived on Earth due to a meteorite crash and all four are at war with each other.  You’re a Mushroom called Pax who pretty much must save the day.  It’s a nice platformer with some great puzzles including weapon upgrades with everyday items such as matches and a stick!  Whilst it’s an easy game it’s a nice game to play through.  You can pick this game up for less than the £7 I paid at HMV a year ago.

Little King’s Story

I’ve heard this described as Animal Crossing meets Pikmin, and I would agree with that.  You’re King Corobo and you need to unite the seven kingdoms, the back of the box says it “mixes gameplay elements from real life-sim, strategy and adventure genres” and it works so well.  The story is great, the gameplay is fun and there are many little side things in this game to immerse you.  This game you can get for £7 on amazon.

A Shadow’s Tale/ Lost in Shadow

You can find the review of this game here

So that’s five games added to the list, five Wii games.  Next week will be another Wii game and I’ll leave you with the clue “Whatever happened to American Football?” In the meanwhile feel free to suggest any for the Wii/3DS/DS and I’ll see what I can do.


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