Nintendo Lee’s Hidden Gems

Nintendo Lee’s Hidden Gems is where I look at the hidden gems of this generation on Nintendo consoles.

This will be updated every Monday and with that will be three where I look at the NLHG of the current generation Nintendo Consoles (currently Wii, DS and 3DS) though every fourth week I will do a retro hidden gem and that could take me anywhere.  Now to appear on the list my only rule is I must have bought the game and played it though not necessarily completed it.  If a game turns out to be terrible in my eyes it will make the Failed NHLG list.

So due to that I have a wonderful new banner for this series designed by @MattTheDoctor to go alongside the new Category of NLHG.  To add to that there’s also a tab at the top which will be updated  with a link to all the past articles.

Oh and as announced before Nintendo Lee now has a Facebook page so just click the FB logo at the top of the right page and give it a like.

Oh yes and what’s that added?  It’s Google +1!


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