A look at Totaka’s Song

Video game Easter Eggs have been around as long as games have existed usually the programmer putting their name somewhere random in the game. I could list some of my favourite Easter Eggs of all time but I doubt you want to hear my musings over a giant sized crème egg with the goo inside. I’ve had this written for a day but I felt a bit On top of that The Game Invaders did a great piece on Easter Eggs just today, you can find it here: http://thegameinvaders.com/2011/07/surprise-non-chocolate-easter-eggs/

 Though there always seems to be one Easter Egg that’s overlooked by the masses and TGI touched on it rather briefly. Obviously the Nintendo hardcore know but how in depth did you realise it went?

C C D E D C G E c G G G A# G F G D G C

For you musicians out there give it a play on the piano, guitar, accordion, ocarina or whatever instrument you have. Does it sound familiar?

Ah yes it was from the Mario Paint introduction, that’s pretty cool. Hang on, I still recognise the tune and I didn’t even have Mario Paint, that’s a bit odd. What if I told you that that piece of music has been in no less than Sixteen video games with the earliest being in 1992 and the latest being in 2010. So what links them together? Well on top of being Nintendo published game they all had someone named Kazumi Totaka.

The gaming equivalent to the Easter Bunny

Totaka is the voice actor for Yoshi and Professor E. Gadd though his primary role has been that of a sound engineer and composer for quite a few Nintendo games. Now of the games he’s acted in a role involving music the so called “Totaka’s song” has appeared in most of them, now the Mario Paint video was up earlier but that wasn’t the first appearance of the song.

X is a game that was only published in Japan and was released on the Gameboy in May of 1992. To find Totaka’s song you need to find the wrong scientist in mission Four and wait for Forty seconds and then you get this (around the 1:30 mark):

Now 1992 was a popular year for Totaka’s song appearing in four games: X, Paint, Super Mario Land 2 and a Japanese only game that I hadn’t heard of before called Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (translated to For the Frog the Bell tolls). It was 1993 when I first heard this piece of music come out of my Gameboy in the great game Links Awakening. Go to Richard’s frog-filled villa and wait for 2 minutes and 30 seconds then you should hear this (around the 17 second mark):

Further research shows that Richard is actually a cameo of For the Frog the Bell tolls so this is actually a double Easter Egg. The music cropped up again in the Virtual Boy Wario Land in 1995 but all of one person could last the time needed to find the piece, it appeared in 1997s Yoshi’s Story as well as the 64DD game Mario Artist: Talent Studio, Luigi’s Mansion as well as various Animal Crossing games.

In fact the character K.K. Slider is based on Totaka and this series has quite a few appearances of the song, here is it in the Wii game Animal Crossing: Wild World:

We also have the tune in Pikmin 2, Yoshi touch and go and the DSi game X-Scape (sequel to X on the GB which is the first appearance of the song).

You think that’s all? Some of these took years to find out with more rumours swirling around of it being in this game and that game or maybe that one. This much is known, Totaka had sound based credits on the following and the song has not yet been uncovered: Animal Forest (Japanese N64 version of Animal Crossing), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wave Race 64, Wii Channels, Wii Sports and of course Wii Music.

A very intriguing addition to the Nintendo mythos for sure so the next time you’re randomly on a screen for Three minutes and Twenty Nine seconds maybe you should hold out for One more second as you may just get to hear this wonderful tune.

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