New to Nintendo Lee?

I thought I’d write this as there have been a lot of new readers to the site over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d give a brief list of some of my favourite articles I’ve written. If you have the time give them a read and feedback is always welcome.

The Mushroom Kingdom was the first article I wrote, it’s quite a long read but I had fun writing it.


I’m a retro gamer at heart but sometimes I need to explain why 8 bit kicks ass


Every game needs someone to save they’re usually Princesses so I thought why not have a look at Princeses


I love Zelda and this year it’s in it’s 25th anniversary so I offered a Happy Birthday Zelda


My most controversial article to date was on why Sonic has lost his appeal


I have also had an indepth look at the Wii including:

The best of the franchises:

Virtual Console and WiiWare:

Hidden Gems:

The current hot topic with Operation Rainfall: The future of the Wii:


I loved writing this piece on the WiiU


My most popular article so far is this piece on video game fathers:


There’s a few more out there, check the archives and the use the search function.  Thanks, once again, for reading and your continued support.


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