A look at Rising Star Games

As the Operation rainfall campaign grows from strength to strength in their quest to see Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora’s Tower published in the North American regions I began to look further into the hidden gems on the Wii. Now I’ve already written a piece on the hidden gems but since then I’ve really been on a search to find the hidden gems of the Wii and really explore this console. As I did that there was one thing that kept propping up on the cover of the games:

Rising Star Games. Their focus is on publishing games that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day in the European market and have published over fifty games across all three major platforms. Not bad for a company that was started in 2004! As this is a Nintendo blog I’ll just focus on the Wii side of things, but here is the top five games published by Rising Star Games in Europe. It should be noted that these games were just published by the team and not developed, but still lets give them some kudos.

Little King’s Story

Little King's story

I’ve heard this described as Animal Crossing meets Pikmin, and I would agree with that.  You’re King Corobo and you need to unite the seven kingdoms, the back of the box says it “mixes gameplay elements from real life-sim, strategy and adventure genres” and it works so well.  The story is great, the gameplay is fun and there are many little side things in this game to immerse you.  This game you can get for £7 on amazon, though CEX have a few copies for £3.

No More Heroes (and No More Heroes 2)

Whatever happened?

Created by Suda 51 both games have received great praise for their hardcore style which shows the Wii can cater to both markets. You’re Travis Touchdown and through a series of events you aim to become the number one assassin in the Unites Assassins Association’s league. It’s a truly badass game that can be fairly cheap in places (both games).

Ivy the Kiwi?

Just going for a stroll

Sometimes simple is so effective. From Yuji Naka the creator of Sonic the hedgehog this brings a great mix of style and substance, it’s a platformer mixed with a puzzler mixed with beautiful sound and visuals.  In it you must get Kiwi from one side of the level to the other, Ivy never stops walking but you use Vines to direct her on how to get to the end.  It’s available on Wii, WiiWare and DS.

Now the next two games I have searched high and low for, and cannot find anywhere (aside from high prices on ebay, if you know of anywhere who has these games please give me a shout).

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Published by RSG in March of 2010 this game can be seen as one of those ones that was not good enough to be a classic, but too good to be average. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic near future Earth. Almost all the world’s population has vanished, and the cities have been left abandoned and you (Seto a young boy) are on a quest to find survivors. Sounds intriguing? You bet it is.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade

You're only three times bigger than me? Please!

An Action Adventure RPG with a visual style similar to the great Odin Sphere and has received quite good reviews (34 from Famitsu). The story is another interesting twist on usual JPRPG storylines “Kisuke is a fugitive being chased for a crime he no longer remembers. His only desire is to find a certain katana. After defeating his arresters, he meets Yuzuruha who offers to guide his path. Meanwhile, Momohime, after being possessed by the soul of foul swordsman Izuna Jinkuro, is forced to flee her castle and accept Jinkuro’s offer to complete his plan.” Sounds like a bucket full of fun to me.

So again if anyone know where I can get Fragile Dreams or Muramasa (PAL) from that would be great!

Rising Star games can also be contacted on Twitter @risingstargames and their website is http://www.risingstargames.com

As ever I can be contacted on Twitter @NintendoLee via e-mail at lee.nintendo@gmail.com or even in the comments section.


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  1. I’ve gotta check out Little King, looks like a fun game, Pikmin was pretty fun (I wish I had grabbed 2, I’m more of a multiplayer guy)

  2. Loved the cut scenes of No More Heroes, hated actually playing it. Well, on PS3 at least. The only way I’ll be playing as Travis Touchdown again is if they put him in a Smash Bros. game.

  3. It should be noted I now have Fragile dreams though I’ve not started it yet.

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