That’s why you can’t have nice things

I write this piece with gritted teeth. It will probably seem more harsh than I mean it. Please read to the end before making any assumptions, because you know what happens when you Assume….you make an Ass out of U and Me!

My last article was written about Operation Rainfall and their movement to get Nintendo of America to publish Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower and Last Story. Since I wrote that Nintendo have released a Statement (via facebook)

Computer says no!

Thank you for your enthusiasm. We promised an update, so here it is. We never say “never,” but we can confirm that there are no plans to bring these three games to the Americas at this time. Thanks so much for your passion, and for being such great fans!

Ah that’s pretty cool, they said at this time not this is never going to happen. After all the statement was made within a week of the campaigning starting, what has happened since then I can only liken to a child throwing his toys out of his crib.

Name a Nintendo fan site, read the comments and you can read a tun by ‘loyal fans’ who have been Nintendo fans for 25 years and this has annoyed them no end. I pointed out on the gameFTW podcast my feelings on this and I’ll expand some further, a lot of the fans were complaining about this and then moved onto Another Code R and Disaster day of Crisis (for those not in the know, both games are available in Europe but not in the Americas). What then happened was something really odd, a lot of tweets etc. were complaining about Mother 3. Mother three is the third game in the Earthbound series and was only released in Japan, America had Mother 2 (Earthbound) and Europe didn’t get a single game in the series, so why did I think it was odd that they were complaining about Mother 3? The game was released in Japan in 2006, for the GBA at the time the DS was gaining speed. Why go back five years ago?

2006, lest we forget

Then I thought it would be interesting to look further. I’ve decided to pick two NES games and two SNES games all having some involvement with Square Enix and all not being released in the European market for quite some time.

Final Fantasy We never got the NES version and we first got this game in 2003 with the PSX re-release.

Dragon Quest Or Dragon Warrior as it was in the states, we never got the NES version and our first game was actually the PS2 DQVIII (we’ve since had IV,V,VI and IX on DS).

Chrono Trigger You want the true definition of ‘at this time’? Japanese release 1995, UK release? 2009, for the DS!

Super Mario RPG Ah yes this is true Nintendo stuff, Mario wouldn’t miss out on his European friends would he? It took twelve years and we eventually got the game.

 August 23rd 1991, the American regions got the SNES classic Super Mario world. On August 29th of the same year Europe got a huge Mario release too, we finally got Super Mario Bros. 3. Just let that sink in for a moment. It would be the equivalent to the States getting Super Mario Galaxy ten days after we got Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Incredible really.

Then there’s actually buying the games, for a console game to be considered successful it needs to have over a million sales. Now this is just to prove a point and I’m using Wikipedia for this but there may be more on thislist, but aside fromNintendo franchise games and absolute casual games (like Just Dance or Rock band) there very few: Monster Hunter, a coupleof Resident Evil games, Epic Mickey and Red Steel.


Go into your local game shop and have a look around. How much is Zack and Wiki? £4? What About Little King’s Story? £5. What about de Blob? £6. deBlob2 at £10. Famitsu gave Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon 31/40 both NA and Europe got it a year later. I bet you haven’t even heard of it. Then there’s The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces which is pretty much in the same boat.

Blonde girl + Nintendo + Tattoo = A lot of excited geeks!

I like what Operation Rainfall are doing, it’s a noble cause and is needed during the next 12 months as the Wii goes on its permanent holiday. I said six things that would give a bit of life to the console: Vitality (MIA), Skyward Sword, Dragon Quest X (Apparently almost done) and these three games.

This campaign would have been great five years ago, showing the support for the obscure games that are brand new IPs could you imagine how much more developers would be willing to take a risk? How much more Nintendo would say “yeah we’ll go for it with this game, Operation Rainfall have shown us that in the past” So don’t give up on the WiiU, get the campaign going for that console. We can make a difference, buy the new game on release for full price and companies will take more risks. In fact if you’re European go out and buy Solatorobo: Red the Hunter for the DS and get the ball rolling.

You can check me out Operation Rainfall on Twitter @OpRainfall or check their blog at

You can also follow me on twitter @NintendoLee


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  1. I loved Fragile Dreams, far from perfect, but one of my favorites of 2010

    The thing that bugs me the greatest about the whole situation is that NoA doesn’t simply tell us why they have no interest in bringing these titles to their fans, even when they’ve already been localized and there is actual demand for them. At the very least they could allow another publisher to release these games. Especially after making such a big deal at E3 with how they are going to be focusing on the core gamers.

    I find the argument that they don’t want to release more games for the Wii that is heading out the door hard to believe, with its massive install base and the fact that the Wii U is back compact, it makes even more sense to have highly desired titles being released or they’ll end up with another 3DS situation, of there being no software to warrent buying the new hardware. The 3DS has been out for about 3 months and we have only just recently had the first software release worth purchasing for the device, and its just an enhanced port of an 11 year old game that we probably already own 4 times over.

  2. Tyson Gifford

    you mention fragile dreams as a reason we don’t get localizations…. fragile dreams sold 100,000 copies in the states, it sold 60,000 in japan, and 80,000 in europe, you also mention 2 other japanese games zack and wiki, and little king’s story….
    zack and wiki sold 190,000 copies in the states, 173,000 in europe, and 30,000 in japan
    little king’s story sold 121,000 copies in the states, 94,000 in europe, and 22,000 in japan

    these were your examples… not mine

    if the argument was whether or not to make the games at all I could see your point.. if the argument was whether it should be localized anywhere I could see your point (to a lesser extent… because clearly a game by the creator of final fantasy is a bit higher profile than zack and wiki)… but this game is coming to the territories that do NOT sell as well as they do in america… in many cases the american sales are equal or greater to the combined sales of all other regions combined… so this argument holds no weight

    • Look at the percentage of sales of said game to Wii’s available in that region (this is assuming Wii sold 42.02mil NA, 11.65 JP and 33.82 EU)

      Fragile dreams: NA 0.23% JP 0.51 % and EU is also interestingly 0.23%
      Zack and wiki: NA 0.45% JP 0.25% EU 0.51%
      Little King’s Story: NA 0.28% JP: 0.18 EU Also 0.28%

      If you look at the percentage of Wii owners who bought the game Japan wins one, Europe wins one and it’s a tie between Europe and NA for the other. Neither broke the 1% mark, only two broke the 0.50% mark. If you then compare that to Just Dance which 6% of Wii owners own in the NA region it’s quite staggering really.

      That also doesn’t factor in for how many of those games are bought brand new within a month of release for full price before the stores pretty much half it.

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