Rumour: Pandora’s Tower ‘Confirmed’ for Europe


This is the google translate of the page (copied as is):

Yesterday we announced the list of games playable on Wii and 3DS Nintendo’s booth at Japan Expo 2011 and among them was high on a Pandora’s Tower. Today, the leading team Livegen this site could dig up vital information: The output of the title Ganbarion is planned for 2012 in Europe. Mixture of Zelda and Castlevania, the title puts us in the role of the hero to rescue a princess from a terrible curse that transforms gradually into a monster of the least appetizing. The only way is to solve puzzles and tricks to bring him pieces of meat from the boss guarding each location, all with a nebular line in the Wiimote to control, focus of the gameplay. Xenoblade Zelda and in 2011, and The Last Story Pandora’s Tower in 2012, the end of life of the Wii looks pretty rich promise is pending with the Wii U. The Americans would like to say that.

So that’s three out of three for Europe but nothing confirmed for America, yet.  Now Europe just needs Dragon Quest X release date to be announced, and I would be the happiest man ever for the DQ 25th disk of DQ 1-3 but I’m just being greedy.

This is certainly an interesting development on the movement.  I wonder what we Europeans could do to help our American brethren?

Here’s my feature in which I looked at the future of the Wii back in April Wii Future


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