Operation Rainfall

If you remember my feature on the future of the Wii there were a few games I marked out in it: three of them were brand new IPs that had gained great reviews since their release in Japan. There was Pandora’s tower which received a 31/40 from Famitsu, there’s also Xenoblade which received a 36/40 from the same publication and then there’s The Last Story which received 38/40. Sounds like the sort of games that would appeal to the hardcore market and would give a bit of life into the Wii before the release of the WiiU. Xenoblade is due for release in September in Europe, The Last Story has just been confirmed for a European release and Pandora’s Tower is missing in action. So what about the American releases?


Yes. No. Maybe. I just don't know!

That’s right, despite the localisation being pretty much 90% done for the American market (changing colour to color wouldn’t be that hard to do) Xenoblade has not received a North American release date. Neither has The Last Story. Neither has Pandora’s Tower. That’s three out of the six most anticipated Wii games not receiving a release in a place which has sold over 35million units since release. That does not make sense.

Blonde girl + Nintendo + Tattoo = A lot of excited geeks!

Whilst the Europeans are used to not getting releases such as the Dragon Quest series until VIII, or Earthbound, or Chrono trigger until the DS re release, or Super Mario RPG until the Hanabi Festival the Americans are not used to this happening (aside from gales like Disaster Day of Crisis but that’s nothing too exciting). Step forth the champion of the people: Operation Rainfall.

Launched on the 23rd June, they have already gained some support with the likes of IGN and other big gaming sites covering their effort. They have almost 1,000 followers on twitter and have made Xenoblade the number one game on Amazon due to one of their campaigns.

If you’re an American Wii owner, get aboard this great campain. You can check their blog out at http://oprainfall.blogspot.com/ and you can follow them on twitter @OpRainfall. They have their heads screwed on with an organised peaceful protest showing NOA just how much people want these games.




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  1. I gotta be fair here. While I would possibly be intrigued by these games, and the idea of fans using social media to beg Nintendo to release these games is cool, NOA shouldn’t release the games if they don’t want to.

    NOA knows more about what works then the few thousand that are part of this Operation Rainfall. If everyone in this thing purchase the game, it still wouldn’t make the game successful. Amazon pre-orders really mean f-all.

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