Happy (European) birthday GBA

A retro category has been added, why’s that?  Well we have two anniversaries this week the first of which is the Gameboy Advance.  Today marks the 10th anniversary of the European release of the console. Now before I carry on I would just like to hold that I am of the opinion that without the GBA and GBC that Nintendo would have probably done a Sega. The console sold over 80million and before that we had the GameBoyColor which sold over 50million. This compared to the Cubes 22million and the N64’s 33million. They were beaten by handheld consoles, and this really helped Nintendo out during those dark days. So lets take a look at the top five moments of the Gameboy Advance.

 5. Some classics return

 We had Super Mario Advance series brining us SMB2, SMW, SMB3, Yoshi’s Island and we even got The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past. All games remade in wondrous handheld format, this was good for two reasons: firstly it allowed for the new generation of gamers to experience these classics and two it allowed the older generation of gamers to play their favourite classics on the toilet. Good going!

 4. Lets throw some franchises out west


You can probably thank Super Smash Bros Melee for the releases of the Fire Emblem franchise to the west. Since then we had two on the GBA, one on the GCN, one on the Wii and remakes on the DS. This opened the door to a Nintendo franchise we hadn’t seen before, one with really in depth characters, one with great strategy and an attachment to characters that would see you restarting the game if one of them died. In addition to that we also saw Advance wars hit the shores. Good times.

 3. More innovation


On top of a wireless adapter, an infra-Red adapter, an e-reader, the very rare GBA video and of course the GBA to GCN link which gave an extra screen to supplement game play, sound familiar (cough Wii-U!). There’s also the fact that Iwata once stated that they tried with the GBA to go 3D and the prototype is in his sock draw!

 2. Some brilliant games

Golden Sun, Ninja Five-O, Mario v Donkey Kong, Harvest Moon, Minish Cap, Super Circuit, Advance Wars, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Mario Tennis/Golf, Final Fantasy Tactics, Wario, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Pokemon, Final Fantasy VI, Tony Hawks, Castlevanis Aria of sorrow! Need I go on?

1. Sonic

An original Sonic game on a Nintendo console? Just wow! I could go on about Sonic here but it’s someone’s 20th birthday tomorrow….


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