Video Game fathers

Happy fathers day! For this day I decided to honour the best (and worst) of video game fathers, so lets take a look!

 Sam Fisher: Splinter Cell Conviction


Very mixed reviews for the game but 1.9million copies sold mean fans of the series have definitely played this game. In it Sam Fisher’s daughter Sarah is killed in a hit and run accident, he later finds out that this was no accident and thus the plot of the game kicks off. A game about avenging your daughters death? That’s some badass fathering there!

Talon: The Legend of Zelda series.


In this I’m also including Tarin who’s the father to Marin in Links Awakening. Talon himself is father to Malon and appears in Ocarina of Time, Minish Cap, Four Swords adventures and Oracle of Seasons. Whilst a famous father he has left his daughter in it more often than not, including leaving to allow Ingo to take over Lon Lon Ranch and falling asleep in Oracle of Seasons to leave poor Malon to look after Cuccos by herself.

Big Boss: Metal Gear


Father of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake genetically, Big Boss is the true example of what a father should be….yeah right. He tries to kill his sons more often than not and attempts to make up for it with a hug, he’d need more than that to win over Snake! One of the most complex villains in gaming all built to destroy Snake as he’s his genetic heir make this for one interesting Father/Son relationship!

Pankraz Gotha: Dragon Quest V


If you haven’t played DQV don’t worry, this is actually dedicated to every father in every RPG. Chances are he’s a hero of days gone past, chances are something will happen to him (or he’s already dead) you being 16 will have to step up to the plate and show that you truly are your fathers son. Lets take sword in hand, leave a mother who seems proud to let her 16 year old go on a worldwide quest and lets save the princess, all thanks to Daddy for being a previous great hero!

Bowser: Mario series.


He’s the father of eight, whilst the mother is not known (Sunshine makes me uncomfortable and thus I find it hard to believe that Bowser Jr is Peach’s son!) these children have definitely inherited their fathers evilness. First appearing in SMB3 they have been in and out of the series since but the youngest of them, Bowser Jr, has appeared in some form throughout the galaxies and Sunshine. Simply put Bowser trains his children well and with heir apparent now Bowser Jr the other seven don’t mind too much as they’re aware that it is a group effort!

So what say you?  What is your favourite father in video games?  Let me know via the comments section or @NintendoLee on twitter.


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  1. Good work.

    Giovanni or Ghetsis (for those who got to play Pokémon Black and/or White) should get an honorable mention for shock value. The latter’s relationship with his son is just silly.

  2. To hell with Ghetsis. Him and his goddamn Hydreigon. Giovanni – who’s he father to? I would like a follow-up article on speculation over who Ash’s dad is exactly, come to think of it.

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