E3 aftermath: Zelda’s 25th

Sorry guys, a big delay for this as I’ve had quite a hectic week plus OOT came two days early so I’ve been pretty much glued to my 3DS for the past 36 hours. So while my unit is charging why not get onto part two of my four parter look at E3. There was quite a lot of E3 given to Zelda so why not have a look at what was instore for the Zelda fan!

 5. The music in Zelda rocks my socks.

I’m going to do a piece pretty soon on video game music and just how important it is, but with regards to Zelda just watch this video and let it soak in!

 4.  Seriously the music does rock!

On top of that amazing video of the orchestra and the clips of 25 years worth of history three music based treats were announced. Firstly an Ocarina of Time CD soundtrack that will be available for the first so many people to register the game with Club Nintendo (I really am not sure of the practicality of the Europe version of this as Club Nintendo is currently down due to a phishing scam). In addition to this another CD will be released, this will be a recording of the third announcement: Zelda concerts. These will happen later on in the year and across Europe, North America and Japan. The Japanese dates I believe are in October but the Europe/NA dates have not been announced nor where they will be.

 3. Four Swords

Four swords is the only Zelda game I’ve never played for the simple reason that I didn’t have another friend with the game to sit and play through it with. This game will be released as DSiware for free later on in the year. Hopefully I’ll get to play it through then!

 2. Ocarina of Time 3D

Released today in Japan (16th June 2011), tomorrow in Europe (17th), Sunday in NA (19th) and the 30th in Australia this game will no doubt excite most people with fresh visuals and the Master Quest version also included.  Expect a review of it from me in the next week or so.

 1. Skyward Sword

Finally confirmed for a Holiday Season 2011 release my excitement for this game is very high. I think the music sounds brilliant and the cell shadedness of Wind Waker mixed with the adult design of Twilight Princess and the bright colours of A Link to the Past is a gamble that will probably pay off. Here’s the latest trailer.

Like this? Check out my look at five odd things about the series in Happy 25th Birthday to The Legend of Zelda


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