E3 aftermath: Nintendo 3DS

So E3 came and went, as a whole it was nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary yet it still filled me with excitement. My aim is to break E3 down into four chunks: What the competition did, 3DS, a look at all the Zelda announcements and of course WiiU. Today I’ll look at the 3DS and the five things that got me a bit excited.

 5. Do a barrel roll!

That made me mark out just a little to hear that and it got quite an applause from those in attendance. Star Fox 64 3D should have gone with Lylat Wars 3D as there are too many numbers at the end, alas I digress. I’ve seen footage of this on a 3DS screen and it looks pretty impressive, there was nothing new to show us aside from a mode of taking photos of yourself and appearing in game.

4. From the highest of highs to the depths of the sea…

If you saw the footage you’ll have also seen that Mario Kart now comes with underwater levels and hang-gliding. This looks like a fun addition which most people said didn’t seem like a gimmick but natural. The thing I was most excited about though is that Retro Studios had some input on this game….Nice!

3. Tanooki?

I got a bit excited when I saw this, though later reports indicate that this has replaced the racoon (sad times). Whilst most people don’t care much for the plumber (I’ll get to that in the WiiU write up) I, however, do. It was good to see a mix of the classic SMB3 feel and the 3D Galaxy combinations. I’m pretty excited for this game.

2. More AR? Yes please!

I’ve played two demo’s of Kid Icarus, I’m not a fan of the original two and I thought the 3DS version looks amazing. Though it seemed to suffer the weird mix that the original two had, is it a shooter? Platformer? Adventure game? All three? Well I was ready to switch off my brain whilst the Icarus stuff was being shown until the casually announced that you can play with AR cards too. Will they come with the game? Not sure but I think they’ll probably go down the Pokemon card route.

1. I’m a Luigi number one!

A surprise? Nice. A game with Luigi? Nice. A sequel to Mansion? Nice. Multiple mansions? Even better! I was quite excited but here’s the trailer:

All are due for release by year out aside from Luigi’s Mansion 2 which is due for early 2012.


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