Nintendo at E3: WiiU

This will read as live discussion format.  I’ll compose my thoughts and postthen in the next day or two.


The opening montage was incredible, Miyamoto bigged up the music in the game and had the orchestra play a few Zelda tunes to get us started. Miyamoto is one funny guy. Links Awakening DX available NOW on virtual console. Four swords from September free download. Skyward Sword this holiday season for Wii with a golden wiimote. There will also be a Zelda 25 anniversary tour in each region in Autumnish. Two soundtracks announced, one for the first who register their OOT 3DS game first. Shiggsy thanks the fans of the Zelda series. Thanks 🙂


“The goal of innovation should be brought to every player.” I agree with that totally.


Firstly a teaser montage: Mario Kart, Star Fox, Mario with a Tanooki (great teaser), Kid Icarus, Luigi’s mansion! Wow I got a bit excited with that.

 Mario Kart: Crisp and clear and hang gliders? An underwater boat? Oh this looks fun! This is out this holiday season.

Star Fox 64 3D: Can control with the 3DS by moving….do a barrel roll! The video thing is a good idea, it has online play. US stores in September.

 Mario: Very Mario 3 esque with music blocks, tanooki, small to big, koopalings, airships but with full 3D play ala galaxy. Before the end of the year is the release day.

 Kid Icarus: I’ve played this, nothing new. Aside from the AR tease at the end. Out later this year.

 Luigi’s mansion 2: It looks pretty good, not much to add here. Nice surprise. It’s a brand new sequel and has several mansion. No release date given.

A few third party titles are shown, all have been previously announced.

Eshop: Game demo’s are due to come later this year. Virtual console will have pre-NES games. We have excitebikes already but it’s free for a month if you don’t have it. Big up to the Pokedex.


Terrible name. The controller is all right, the tab is something that would work well.  Seriously what’s with this terrible terrible name?  Way to win the hardcore market. So HD announced, this is more like Wii HD rather than a brand new console.  Not much announced first party aside from SMASH BROS for both Wii U and 3Ds with link across both consoles.

Lego City Stories announced for the console.  In addition to that  Darksiders II, Dirt, Aliens (by sega), Ghost recon online, Metro Last Light, Tekken, Assasins creed, Arkham City, Ninja gaiden 3. The guy from EA really bigged up the console.

To quote GamesMaster “Ticking all the multi-format boxes. The Wii wilderness years for third party games is officially over.”

For me it left me more than confused, the first video was very Wiiesque with Mii’s and Wii fits and the second one was very PS3/360 esque with more hardcore games.

Nothing was really said about the DS and the Wii was barely mentioned either.  overall it was higher than average, nowhere near as good as last years and I’m actually most excited about what ony has in store for the rest of the year.

Once I’ve had a day or so to take the information in I’ll do my full blown look at E3.


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