Project Café at E3 2011

For those who don’t know Project Café is the codename for the next generation console from Nintendo. That’s right an eighth generation console is about to be unveiled at E3 and Nintendo are apparently first off the starting block. As you see I’m refusing to call it Wii2 as it’s not the Wii2 but a brand new console.

You name it and it’s been rumoured, everything from blu ray to huge hard drives, to no hard drive to time machines (I made that last one up). So what can we expect?


Nintendo traditionally have something different with their controllers, whether it’s the revolutionary (but rather uncomfortable) N64 pad, to the great Gamecube pad (my favourite one to date) or the simple WiiMote Nunchuck combination that works so well. What does Café offer in way of controllers? Well if you believe the rumours it’s your typical pad in that it has the two analogue sticks, the ABXY buttons, shoulder buttons, oh and they’re throwing in a screen for good measure. That’s the rumour that it will have a tablet like screen on the controller, whether that works or not will be a different matter and I find it strange that they’ve gone that route when they have hand-helds with two screens that could just connect.


I could go into the ins and outs but I think this video by IGN covers it best. It shows that the graphics are slightly better than the PS3/360 going off their intel, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a bit better than what they say due to custom parts.


Do I really need to cover this? Expect a few launch titles to be revealed, probably something like Pikmin or one of the lesser known franchises, or even Skyward Sword to be shown on it. Also expect quite a few 3rd party announcements and sadly that will include another ton of Ubisoft ports.


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