Nintendo at E3 2011

I hope you like the new site layout, not much of a difference but a bit more crisper.  Anyway lets get on topic:

Traditionally Nintendo have one bad E3 followed by a good one followed by a bad one, last one was a good one but there’s no way this one can be a bad one. What’s on offer? Wii, 3DS, DS and of course the elusive Project Cafe will finally be unveiled. What can we expect to see in action? Probably a lot of stuff, so let us begin.


Lets start at one of the dying consoles, I won’t mention the DS as frankly I can’t see it getting much time at all, the Wii however I can. I did a preview thing a few weeks ago about the future of the Wii with what to expect. This can be found here in my previews mention of the Wii future and I’m sure you can expect to see all of these: Xenoblade, Last Story, Vitality, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and of course Dragon Quest X. Vitality is 50/50 as it was shelved from last years show and we’ve seen glimpses of the others (Xenoblade and Last Story are already out in Japan and Pandora’s tower will be by E3) however Dragon Quest X hasn’t been shown at all. This is a Wii exclusive and it would really be a good end to the console if I’m honest, the franchise is mega popular in Japan and it has grown substantially in the UK over the past few years., that or we may just see it shifted over to Cafe.


Ah yes Nintendo’s little baby, that has huge potential but hasn’t really been tapped yet. What to expect?

Firstly the 3DSware and Virtual console go live on the day of E3 here in the UK (the day before for you Americans) so expect an announcement of plenty of titles. Hopes could only be this includes the ones fans have wanted for ages such as Super Meat Boy. Virtual Console would probably get a few names thrown out as well, it’s launched that week so you may as well plug it.

Secondly expect the non gaming side to be plugged, for the UK this is pretty much Eurosport, SkySports and probably some film thingy, for the USA this is going to involve Netflix. Rumours also abound that they will announce a video service too so look out for that.

Thirdly expect some release dates for the big titles: StarFox64 (Lylat wars as it was here on release), Kid Icarus, Professor Layton, Mario Kart and Paper Mario among others.

Lastly 3DS wise expect some new games to be announced. We’re already confirmed to see some more of the Super Mario 3DS game which is all but guaranteed to involve the Raccoon Mario. Also expect a Pokemon game to be announced because frankly a Pokemon game not getting announced is like Eastenders failing to end on the “dun-dun-dundundundundundun”

Project cafe

Ah yes Project Cafe. That’s what everyone is wanting from E3 from Nintendo. However I shall do my Project Cafe preview tomorrow, because I’m evil like that.


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