Why the industry needs Nintendo

This was inspired when I was reading about how poorly the sales of the 3DS have done compared to what the projected sales were supposed to be and I couldn’t help but notice how many comments on websites (trolling or not) were stating how much they hoped Nintendo would “do a Sega.” For all three of you who don’t know what doing a Sega is, it means to pull out of making consoles, just make games and have those games as a whole seem to be a shell of what they once were. So why does the industry need Nintendo?

It has the mass appeal.

There are people older than me who have fond memories of playing Mario, Zelda et al. There are people younger than me who have discovered Mario, Zelda et al. Then there are people my age who love Mario, Zelda et al. All three generations like to play Nintendo, for me it brings a sense of almost childhood magic going back and playing Super Mario Bros 3.for my parents it’s a case of “I remember this, it’s still pretty cool” and for the younger family members they can get involved with the newer games. It’s like the magic of Disney, no matter who you are, no matter what age you are, how stern-faced you are as soon as you walk into Disneyland the entire emotions and excitement come rushing. Nintendo brings that for quite a few people whether it’s the NES, Wii, 3DS or even the Gameboy whether you’re a granny playing Brain training, a kid playing Mario Kart or a twenty something playing the latest Zelda title Nintendo has something for everyone.

You look after your babies better in your own home.

When you move away from home things are good, you’re on your own schedule and your own rules. Though when you go back to visit the parents you know full well they will look after you, feed you pretty well and if you’re super lucky do your washing (I think that last one is an urban myth), Why is that the case? Simply because parents know how to look after their children and make a bit more of an effort when it’s at home. Case in point: Sonic the Hedgehog. Think of the best Sonic games made and 90% of them are on a Sega home console (Rush/Colours and 4 added to it). That’s because Sega know the machine they’re working with inside out. Can you imagine Mario on a PS3? Zelda on an X-box? Donkey Kong on a NGP? It just doesn’t make sense to me and I feel that the quality of games would be less on those consoles as even subconsciously the makers would be thinking “hang on we were beaten here, why should we help them out” but those games on a Nintendo console will remain flawless.

It innovates the industry.

Software crash of 1983? Which publisher stood up and ran with the ball? Nintendo. 1985: who brought gaming from the arcades into the home of Americans? Nintendo. 1989: Who brought handheld gaming to the masses where you could play more than one game on said unit? Nintendo. Who brought us shoulder buttons in 1990? Nintendo. Who attempted to bring us 3D gaming in 1995? Nintendo. Who actually managed it without glasses in 2011? Nintendo Who brought us the amazing worlds of Mario 64 in 1996? Nintendo. Who brought us a touch screen handheld which sold over 130million? Nintendo. Who brought motion control to home consoles, something that Sony and Microsoft later built on? That would be Nintendo. Who is probably going to rock our socks at E3 on 7th June? That would be Nintendo.

If you honestly think the industry would be better off without Nintendo, you’re a fool.


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