Why so Serious?

I kind of feel a sense of shame in naming one of my articles after one of the most over quoted lines of recent movie history, you can also look forward to some gems such as ‘this time it’s personal,’ ‘you want the truth? you can’t handle the truth!’ and ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.’ Though back on track you can probably guess what this article is about and it’s why gaming to me should be fun. I’ll just clarify that there is a needed for serious gaming at times but most of the time so here’s my look at why gaming should be fun!

Quick think of something fun, I very much doubt many selected a Political debate on the Alternative Voting system for the simple reason that it’s a pretty serious thing. Serious has a place in life but with fun you keep coming back to it time and time again, things such as games, movies, reading and other things. As a whole gaming is a fun activity and if you’re treating it as serious then you’re missing the point.

For me gaming offers an escapism that other mediums do not. I’ve noted it before but for me gaming puts you the player into this amazing world, I don’t see it as Mario or Link or whoever but it’s my guy, my character and with that gaming seems to be more enjoyable. Take the past week or so, I’ve only had a few days at work due to Easter and the Royal Wedding so in that period I decided to crack on with my “To Play list” and in a week I’ve been a space bounty hunter, a small guy who was crash landed on a planet and has little creatures to help him, a blue hedgehog who can run as fast as can be, I’ve been a guy in a rather violent game show where I get points for killing people in elaborate styles and now I’m a pirate with a flying golden monkey thing. That’s not even mention flying round in a hang glider on WuHu island or lead a Ghost squadron against the Kazakstan army or even Hadoukened Ken for the 1billionth time. It’s fun to me.

For anyone who watches wrestling out there (don’t judge me) there are two types of fans, there are Marks and there are Smarks. Smarks are traditionally those “in the know” of the goings on in the industry, they want technical marvels and can spot a “botch” a mile off. Marks just enjoy it for what it is, they don’t care that Kane always seems to get beaten, what they do is enjoy him for “The big red monster” he’s presented as even if he seems slow. I guess I’m a video game mark, I chose a Wii over the more powerful PS3 and 360 and whilst both consoles have a ton of fun games I feel personally the Wii offered more that appealed to me but as a whole the other consoles are superior.

Whilst rumours are doing the rounds on what Project Cafe will have (everything from time travel to smellovision) the main focus doesn’t seem to be what the machine can do but how fun this will be for the consumer a bridge between the hardcore and casual market where everyone can get a long and have fun. Case in point: Goldeneye. If you have the N64 version go have a look at the box, chances are you’ve had this since release…now look at Bonds mouth. What on Earth? Technically the box has made a huge muck up but it’s one of the greatest games ever.

I dunno where I was going with that article but it’s basically to say have fun gamers, it doesn’t matter if you have a GameBoy or a PS3 there’s fun to be had in all the games, who cares about frame rates of games (genuinely read that in a review) and the odd glitches here and there? Ocarina of time and Pokemon have a ton of glitches but guess what? They’re fun!


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