My top four gaming sites: A shameless plug

There are a few great gaming blogs/sites out there and there’s a couple I like that aren’t your typical “big” IGN style sites and for me there are four fantastic ones there.

Nintendo wise there’s the that gives all sorts of great news and rumours whether it’s from cafe or whatever and always links to its sources. A good site to use.

If you want a site with more (p)reviews then is the place to be, everything from Wii, to 3DS, to retro to DSiware.

Non Nintendo wise there’s the very indy focused who have a fantastic podcast (though I still haven’t listened to last weeks where I apparently get a plug!). Seriously go check them out as a few of my pieces appear there.

Then there’s who have a great mix of (p)reviews and features mainly on the 360/Ps3/PC side of things. This month they’re focusing on Rockstar Games so if you like GTA/RDR or can’t wait for LA Noire head on over!

There are of course the like of Kotaku, Game informer and IGN but I’m sure they have enough fans!


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