Coping with PSN outage

So you’re a Sony fanboy/girl?  Your PSN is still down, how do you cope?

 1) It’ll be back soon


You saw the screen, and your initial thoughts were “man that’s annoying!” You restarted the modem, rang the internet company and were told the problem’s not the internet connection. I know I’ll go on FB, see what the world’s upto.

John Smith My PSN is broken NOOOOO”

My word, John’s PSN is down therefore EVERYONE’S is. Time to move onto stage two.

 2) Keyboard Warrior

“I can’t BelIeve daT PSN is DWN the &*(*&£*” thing Has StoppED me PLYin COD wiTH JOHn I dEmnD reFunD of FreE SerVICE NOWWWWWW!!!!!!111!!!!!”

You vent on the internet, demanding to get your money back despite paying nothing. Your anger boils up and you can’t cope. It’s been three days now maybe you should just accept it?

 3) Acceptance


There are other consoles out there? I can play Nintendo, Xbox. Pssh I’m a fanboy I’m going to dust off the PS2 and play some of the greatest games of all time from pretty much every genre. That console sold so many for a good reason. For that I am well pleased. What I need a memory card, where the heck did I put that? I’m going to have to resort to step four.

4) Finding a new hobby


PSN is down, 1 player games are for losers I’m going to start collecting stamps. Yeah that’s the way it should be, neh stuff it I’m going onto step five.

 5) Going outside

If you’re British a Bank Holiday weekend is in store, see your friends, grab a beer and toast the happy couple. Go on you can do it, you’re stepping outside I’m so….PSN’S BACK ON GO PLAY PLAY PLAY Ha psyche!


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