Wii Week: The future

I’ve had this written since Sunday and have only just realised I didn’t upload it (yes it’s been one of those weeks).

So I covered the franchises, I covered the Virtual Console, I covered WiiWare and I covered some hidden gems now it’s time for the future of the wii.  I had the idea for this article before the massive WiiHD rumours started as the more I look into them the more it seems that the WiiHD will be a brand new console not just an updated Wii as what I had thought initially.   As such my original list has been changed (number one would have been wii HD).

So what we still got to look forward from the console?  Not a lot the more I research!

5) The Last Story

Made by Mistwalker and published by Nintendo the last story is mainly credited to Hironobu Sakaguch who brought us the Final Fantasy games (See what they did with the name, final/last and fantasy/story….those cheeky scamps!).  Released in January of this year in Japan it has reached critical acclaim and has recently been announced for an official release in the NA regions so surely it’s just a matter of time until Europe has the game announced.

4) Vitality

You all forgot about this, right?  It may have been shelved it may not have been, who knows?  It was shown at E32009 but failed to appear at E32010 and not a lot has been said since then.  For those who don’t know, Vitality is a sensor that measures your pulse rate.  There were talks of games using it in a way that would build the pressure up, for example in resident evil if your BPM is high the game would get scarier or something like that.  Seems a good idea but it is definitely MIA.

3) Dragon Quest X

This was actually announced in December 2008 at the Dragon Quest conference, it was seen as a huge thing that the Wii had an exclusive of this magnitude.  We saw how well Dragon Quest IX did on the DS and it’s a given that X will sell a gazillion* in Japan alone.  Not much is known yet about this but lets hope it’s a la VIII and keeps the fantastic humour we’ve known to love from the game.

*Exaggerated figure

2) Pandora’s Tower

We’ve finally had a trailer on this with a Japanese release date of May 26th.  Enjoy:

1) Skyward Sword

Whilst Xenoblade deserves a mention I already did a preview on that so we’ll leave that off this list even if it looks fantastic.  Skyward Sword is the one we’re all waiting for, a Zelda game designed for the wii.  Visuals are a mix of adult link and cell shading, the colour palette I love the look of (even if a lot of people do not).  It makes great use of the motion controls and seems to be set at the beginning of the timeline (don’t get me started on that!).  I’m rather excited for this game and the rest in the list (plus Xenoblade as mentioned).  Still I can’t help the feeling that Nintendo is about to let our little white box die 😦


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    Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

    1. Link gets sword
    2. Intermittent breaking of vases
    3. Link fights Ganon
    4. Link saves Zelda


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