A brief look at the 3DS two weeks on

So it’s almost been two weeks since the 3DS launched in the UK, I got mine at a midnight launch and aside from two annoying crashes about an hour apart from each other I must say I’m rather impressed.  So how do the features and the games I have fair out?  Lets have a brief look.

Augmented reality/Face raiders.

Simply put these  are the wow points for the console, I show people this and they’re amazed.  I’ve not had much time to play about with it but believe you me it will happen.  AR has a lot to offer from what I’ve seen randomly online…this should be a fun thing to experiment with.

Street Fighter IV

I wasn’t too impressed initially but the more I got sucked into it the more I fricking love this game.  The 3D element adds to this so much.

The Camera

Works well in 2D, looks great in 3D including a few pictures of a burnt out car.  Ha.


I forgot how simply awesome these games were, nothing too difficult, nothing too easy.  A nice relaxing game.

Street Pass and the Mii Plaza quests

Puzzle swap and the Mii RPG thingy are quite addictive.  I’ve met over 10 people on street pass and the same person five times (I assume I work with her)…there’s something quite exciting about seeing the green LED light up knowing you’ve got a street pass hit.  Want my Mii?  Scan it in:

Ghost Recon

Never played a game in this series before but blooming heck I’m loving this.  It’s apparently not like the others in the series, it’s a tactical strategy game akin to Fire Emblem or Advance wars.  I definitely recommend this game for all.


So that’s my brief update on the 3DS…but fret not NintendoLee fans for next week is Wii week and I’ll have a daily updated.   Don’t forget you can get me on twitter @NintendoLee


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