An update on crashes

I called Nintendo this morning, they stated that it’s not a known fault. The guy went and checked with the manager who stated the same. He speculated that it may be a common fault but that they’ve not heard anything about it.

Simply put if you have this problem contact Nintendo to make them aware of it. They did offer a free of charge repair but I’ve had no problem with it since the second crash.  I assume they haven’t been made aware of the fault due to it being so close to purchase and people are returning them to stores.

That being said I went to the store I bought it from and they said there have been no faults, it seems to be 50/50 from people online and to be honest the online gaming community (ie discussion forums) is a small percentage of the overall gaming community.

The fault only seems to happen with people who have done the system update.  This is just affecting (to my knowledge) a small number of people and should n9t in any way effect your opinion on the 3DS, itself being a great machine.  I shall add an update on my first impressions later.


Oh and in other news I met my first two street pass people today which was a pleasant surprise.


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