3DS crashes

I’ve just had two crashes in the past hour playing Ghost Recon.  A quick search online found a few people who had problems with Ghost Recon as well as the Aqua Blue 3DS.  On further investigation via twitter various other Nintendobloggers have confirmed they they have had crashes themselves with both Aqua and Black consoles.

The problem is as follows:

The top screen goes black and the bottom screen says “A problem has occured, hold down the power button and restart the system. Contact your local support center if the problem persist”

There is nothing on http://www.nintendo.co.uk about this as of yet and Nintendo.com is giving the following advice:


  • The system is frozen (locked-up) and displays a black screen

What to do:

  • Press and hold the POWER Button down until the system powers off. Then power the system back on.

Still Not Resolved:

  • If the system is still freezing and displaying a black screen, the system will need to be repaired. To start the repair process, click here.

Upon resetting the console it works fine, but it has now happened twice to me.  I shall contact Nintendo in the morning to see if it’s a known fault or not.


Have you experienced these crashes? If so has it happened after the system update?  Has it happened more than once?  Let me know in the comment boxes.


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  1. So, I have had a lot of 3DS handhelds back over the weekend. The faults have ranged from freezing to the camera just not working. I have even seen a lot of black screen faults with the units.

    It sucks that it has failed to get off to a good start and it doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that Nintendo are not really offering anything in the way of technical support yet. Hopefully, they will be working on getting some more support out soon.

    • I’ve heard of no other problems with the camera, mine has been fantastic in both 3D and 2D.

      From what I can gather this game crash problem seems to only be happening with units that have done the system update.

      • I see.

        The problem with the 3DS, is that Nintendo haven’t really given people a whole load of support and that is only to be expected of a new product. I mean, Sony is worse than hopeless now and Microsoft always send you through to their customer support division in Delhi.

        That being said, I am hoping that Nintendo can use this time to get some feedback from people about the major issues that is prevalent in the 3DS and then send them down to the people who are selling them. There is nothing we can do but return the faulty products to Nintendo because we have no idea how to fix common issues.

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