Feature: What I want on the 3DS

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Well the 3DS launches in the UK tomorrow with an incredible 1,500 stores nationwide opening at midnight. Whilst it’s clear the initial line up is lacking somewhat (unless you’re a Streetfighter or Nintendogs fan) there are a few games announced that I just can’t wait for. Then I got thinking, what would I like to see on the 3DS?

Ice Climber

Before Mario became super these climbers climbed. First released in Japan in 1984 and hitting the NES in 1985 Popo and Nana were largely forgotten characters in Nintendo’s past. Then Smash Bros. hit making their appearance in Melee and as such a GBA and virtual console version of their NES classic was re released. Can you imagine this simple game-play updated with 3D graphics? It’s long overdue, if Kid Icarus can get a relaunch surely the climbers can!


The USA had Mother 2 which was called Earthbound but didn’t get the first one. Japan has had all three, the UK hasn’t had any. Smash Bros. wise we have Ness and Lucas who have become rather popular in their own right but aside from ROMs we have no way of playing said games. A remake of these would be fantastic for us to get a bit more into the Nintendo history, or even just stick them on the virtual console on the 3DS (yes I know they’re main console games not handhelds but shh!).

Also it has one of the funniest moments in gaming history ever (wait until the very last line).

Wario brothers RPG.

The Mario and Luigi RPG games are great fun with some brilliant humour throughout. It doesn’t take itself serious and has had three games (Superstar saga, partners in crime, Bowser’s inside story) so it would make sense to put it on the 3DS. That is until Paper Mario 3D was announced, so the logical thing? Stick Wario and Waluigi in there, Wario’s a great character and Waluigi doesn’t do enough to warrant his place in Nintendolore. Simples.

Chibi Robo

There are technically three games in the series but as ever the UK has only seen one, the US has seen two whilst Japan has had all three. Japan also had a “new play control” version of the game which isn’t going to be hitting these shores. Game-play is found in the following video and would suit the 3DS really well.


The Ying to Mario Kart’s Yang, whilst Mario Kart was never about the speed, F-Zero was. Set in a future where the F-Zero race is king the game play for this is just all-round good fun, whether it was the SNES, N64, GC or GBA version it worked so well. The anarchy of 30 cars rushing round, falling to last and then hearing those classic words “You’ve got boost power” and rushing to first then crashing into the side and exploding. Classic. Though there would need to be some serious work on the 3D side of things (3D plus fast moving cars doesn’t go down well!).


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  1. Mate, if there was a decent port of mother that made the combat less… 1st person(?) or they did ANYTHING chibi-robo, I’d be all over it like a rash.

  2. As if I missed Wave Race as well.

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