One week to go until 3DS!

3D without the need for glasses

But I wear glasses

Some people say it makes them feel sick

But there’s a slider that changes your perspective.

Apparently if you move it it looks weird.

Have you played one?


I have, it looks good.

Well maybe it’ll actually connect to my wireless?

Lets hope so.

Finally an analogue stick, I bet it’s naff though.

Nope it feels natural and has a true representation.

Well it won’t let me browse the internet yet.

May’s not that far away and surely you have a computer or a phone.

What game are you going to get on launch though?

Good point I still haven’t decided.


Lets hope this one doesn't end in the sock draw


Seven days to go until the UK launch of the 3DS. Are you ready? Check out the full preview here

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  1. Haha, I didn’t expect this when I saw you had posted an article while I was on the bus. Awesome ^_^

  2. Ok, so I know that it is only a month or so until the e-store goes live on the 3DS, but do you not think it is incredibly lazy (or poor planning) for it to not be active at launch?

    Personally, I do.

    • Oh and also, I think it does look at bit weird when you move it.

      Not AS weird as people have made out, but there is a definite ‘sweet spot’ that can quite easily be lost. I’m sure this would be even more apparent on games which require you to actually move the device around.

      • I didn’t have a problem with it myself but I suppose other people will do.

        With regards to the e-store that and the lacklustre launch line up makes me think the original plan was to launch the device in May but due to the Wii taking a bit of a hit the past year they brought it forward to boost their profits for the fiscal year.

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