Feature: What’s the deal with Mario?

Well we’re back up and running after computer and net problems all seems to be resolved. This feature was inspired by a comment over at www.gameftw.co.uk on my Sonic the Hedgehog piece. It was from JConaBike the comment stated “I can’t really see a list of the things that make Mario so wonderful as a character, or a list of things that make any of the other Mario franchise’s characters so “loveable”There’s your next article Lee.” So you know what? I thought I’d go for it in true two part fashion. So what makes Mario such a good character?

Then I hit a blank. He’s simple really, everything that we know about him today was all about making do with what they had at the time that I’m sure you know but I’ll recount them here:

  • His name comes from Mario Segale the Nintendo of America landlord at the time. Depending on the story he was demanding rent from them and someone noted how much he looked like Jumpman so it stuck.
  • He has Blue/Red t-shirt/dungarees combination as a way of showing the arms moving with the graphical limitations of the time.
  • He wears a hat as it avoided the need to draw the hair and top forehead as well as avoiding doing animation on the hair.
  • He has a moustache as it’s a stereotypical Italian thing as well as Miyamoto struggled getting the mouth right.
  • He was a carpenter as an everymans job.
  • He became a plumber as the design of him was more suited to a plumber.

I think that’s what’s given him his appeal over the past 25 years, it was a nice and simple design which has somehow become almost timeless.   We don’t know much about his history or how he came accross the Mushroom Kingdom, but I think that adds to it it’s the old fashioned KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Tomorrow  I will post my feature on why I like the additional characters (even if loveable is an over estimation!) and expect a one week until 3DS feature on Friday and I’ll get round to reviewing Pokemon Black over the weekend!


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