News: Nintendo@GDC: Skyward Sword Trailer & Mario 3DS!

Sorry guys this may seem really choppy as I wrote it as it was happening…here goes!

Well Nintendo has just finished their keynote speech at the Games Developer Conference, called “Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future” and delivered by president Satoru Iwata. The three underlying words Iwata wanted to go about was that ‘content is king’

We were given a tour of the past 25 years, to see where Iwata has come from (and his time with HAL) and his inspiration he got from Miyamoto who added a fourth word into the slogan “Content is REALLY King.” These guys who were at the forefront of Game Designers in a time when everyone did everything, whether it was cleaning up or being an artist.

Cost has gone up as graphics and memory has gone up and games are costing $50million to make but the main thing that has helped Nintendo is the amount of people playing games has rocketed even in the USA active players were 113.8million in 2007 which in turn is almost 160 million in 2010 this is finally over 50% of the population who are now gamers.

Nintendo are proud of their heritage the likes of 4 players with the N64, bringing home consoles to the masses with the NES, successful movement with Wii and then making wireless the norm with Pokemon fire red and leaf green for the GBA. Iwata really bigged up COD and the influence Sony and Microsoft has had on this industry.

What makes a game a Must Have? There are times when you need a console like the Gameboy brought that as it gave you the ability to play on the move. What about Games? Sonic, Tetris, Angry Birds, GTA, Guitar hero and even Zelda are mentioned by Iwata. Then there are the must have that comes from the player, the increasing social appeal. Again Iwata bigs up other companies and how WOW has 12million subscribers.

Lets look at the appeal of franchises:

  1. Mario: Remained popular as he has changed from game to game yet stayed the same. Continued evolving.
  2. Pokemon: The appeal is Competing, Collecting, Adventure and deep interaction to a love of your own Pokemon.
  3. Tetris: This was the first franchise to appeal to female gamers with 40% of Gameboy owners being that demographic.
  4. The Sims: This was “not a game” that found mass appeal which found a new surprise.

Constant improvement, Social Connections, Expanded Audience!

What about a universal appeal? Iwata bigged up Kirby here and how they decided to go for making the game easier to appeal for players. They mentioned how the original name just didn’t work and how NOM wanted to make Kirby white rather than pink (like he is on the box)…Kirby ended up selling 5 million copies, it was worth a gamble!

“If there is a way to make it easy we haven’t discovered it yet!”

Iwata is hoping the next must have is the 3DS as it mixes graphics, gameplay and social interaction hoping it would attract brand new gamers. Face raiders, Mii Maker and AR games will mix the three of these, add to that Spot Pass making people actually want to take it on the move. Iwata has finally admitted that they can do better in the connectivity side of things which Reggie will take over.

The primary function of the 3DS is to play games. That being said there are other attractions “content and location” all content will look different to any other Nintendo handheld ever (I’ve seen this and agree!). Netflix will be available on the 3DS in the States from the summer, including to that linking up with the Wii side of things whether this will be in 2D and 3D. Nintendo will also be launching NintendoTV on the 3DS as well as Short-Form Videos as well as really pushing the 3D development side of things as well as noting there will be an update which will include 3D video. Location wise Reggie bigged up Street Pass once again with 3rd party also getting really into this and has noted that Spot Pass has a huge potential with 50% of DS owners using it in Japan and when demonstrating demo’s they found the nearest game store to the hotspot recorded an increase in sales for that game and in the US they will have 10K wireless hot spots for 3DS. The e-shop for the 3DS will have DSiware, Gameboy, GBA, Game Gear, turbo graphics, in addition to that they will remake some retro games in 3D and they’ll also have trailers in 3D. The world wide system update for May will include DsiWare, the web browser and the e-shop.

Back to Iwata for the next part. New game time! A new Mario game has been announced by the same people who made Galaxy. There is a huge teaser about Raccoon Mario being back with the logo.

Huge thanks to for this picture

A huge thank you to IGN for this image.

OOT 3D has been announced for June.  Iwata reminds us that it’s the 25th anniversary of Zelda so it’s a good year for Zelda fans. New Skyward Sword trailer is shown! Ah I get so emotional for new Zelda games =D You can check the trailer out at game trailers here:

There was nothing much else covered really.  They’re really bigging 3DS up, a new Skyward Sword trailer and the possible return of Raccoon Mario!


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  1. Stormtrooper

    I just watched the Skyward Sword video (and the 2 other Skyward Sword vids from GDC, both of which are combat/boss battles). Holy crap it looks awesome.

    They finally seemingly added the one feature I’ve been hoping they’d add for virtually every 3D game since. Sprinting. Yeah, apparently Link can now sprint (he does in both battle vids). Leisurely jogging around the vast lands always pissed me off, because it took forever to cross long terrains (when you couldn’t use the horse).

    • Stormtrooper

      apparently the 2 other vids are like 6 months old….

      I never saw them, so they’re new to me. And they still show Link running, which I never heard of before these vids.

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