Preview: Pokémon Black and White

I want to be the very best like no one ever was, aside from in Pearl/Diamond or Ruby/Sapphire or Gold/Silver or Red Blue. OK how about “I want to be the very best…again!” that works. Pokémon Black and White, for those who don’t know, is the latest incarnation of the franchise which has already sold five million copies despite only being released in Japan. So lets have a gander.

The Black has the White legendary one and vice versa.

For those in North America you will get the game 6th March, for the UK we get it on the 4th March which seems rather silly as the 3DS is released on the 25th but oh well. Famitsu gave the game a perfect 40/40 but seeing as they also gave Nintendogs the same score it can be taken with a grain of salt. Most people have grown frustrated with the franchise with it being the same game just with a few extra Pokémon thrown in for good measure. All in all though this seems to be a bit different for three reasons.



Visually it’s different, it’s more like a stand up 2.5D than a top down 2D imaging, all in all from the screen shots and trailers out there this looks pretty good. Speech text is now in the manner of a speech bubble rather than the usual block of text and the Pokémon themselves are fully animated during battle. In addition to the Night/Day thing we’ve seen there’s also a Seasonal rotation (a season per month) on this which will surely give you some replay value.


We had the Poké walker with HeartGold/SoulSilver Black/White has something called “dream world” which I haven’t a clue about but it sounds almost like Animal Crossing or the Chao parts of Sonic Adventure. In addition to that is the C-Gear which tells you connectivity to other players, the feeling check (seriously) which tests compatibility between players which can give you higher experience points of money off at the Poké mart. There’s also something called Pokémon musicals and the less I know about that the better!

100% brand new Pokémon

The Starter mon

156 Pokémon available in this game (I’m pretty sure 150 are available to catch initially) yet every single one is new (until you beat the elite four the the old classics return). This I think is brilliant in that it gives you the magic of the Red/Blue games in not knowing how good each Pokémon is, taking the gamble on Snorlax etc. as you adapt your team of six to be the best. Once you got to third generation you knew full well who would be on your team and now you’re forced to start afresh on a neutral level…I like that.

Pokémon Black and White is due for release on 4th March in all good stores.


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  1. Gahhh, one of the few reasons I think I should buy a 3DS is to play pokemon black/white. Your review makes it sound like so much fun. Too bad the water starter (I almost ALWAYS used the water starter… except in Ruby/Sapphire) looks stupid. Hopefully it evolves into something more bad ass.

  2. This is a DS game not a 3DS game. I should have made that more clear.

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