Review: A Shadow’s Tale (Lost in Shadow)

A Shadow’s Tale was released in October for the Wii, it was released in January of this year in the USA by which it is known as Lost in Shadow but chances are you haven’t heard of the game. For me I saw a preview of it about this time last year then given the name “Tower of Shadow” it looked quite intriguing. Visually this is very different to anything I’ve seen on the Wii and it was billed as the Wii’s attempt at Ico or Shadow of the Colossus.

The plot as taken from the instruction book is simple “The hero of our story is the shadow of a young boy, torn from his body and cast to the ground. With no memory of what happened, the shadow believes that climbing the tower’s shadows will reunite him with his body.”

Lost in Shadow

Now as you can see from the image the game is from the point of view of your shadow, and you jump on the shadows of other objects. When you first start off the game this is pretty basic and dare I say it quite relaxing, a very simple platformer that I thought would have been one of those sort of games that was like that all the way through. I was wrong.

Level layout

The first hour or so is spent learning how to manipulate objects in the real world which in turn moves the shadows in order to let you access a particular part of the level but as you progress it becomes more in-depth. As you go through each level you also get memories from the boy, whether this is giving you hints on the level, telling you things that may happen or just out right emo type nonsense.  The addition of a fairy called Spangle really gives this an almost Peter Pan type feel.

As the game progresses it really gets some real bite, some challenging puzzles and some great boss battles which really does fill you with a sense of excitement I guess. The main flaw in the game for me is there are long stretches where not a lot happens, but as mentioned earlier this brings a more relaxing element to the games at times which I as a gamer like, but I can see why people would be off put by this.

All in all a very different sort of game, if you can find it (I can’t find one shop that sells it and had to buy it off ebay) then definitely pick it up. One of the unsung heroes of the Wii that will probably be overlooked for Mario and Sonic go shopping to Wal*Mart or something.

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  1. Sounds like a really chilled out game. You make so many games for Wii sound so good that I want to play them all, but I don’t have the money OR the time to play them!

  2. If this was on anything other than the Wii, I would have already finished this. It looks good =]

  3. I love how every comment form Adam is “If this wasnt on Wii…”

  4. Oh how this game got hammered on ZP this week. Was it really that bad? Or is he just being, you know, a twonk.

  5. Reviews are very mixed, for example IGN gave it an 8.5 but I’ve seen a few 7s. I very much enjoyed the game so he may be being a twonk or just not like it.

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