Preview: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

The thing I love about Kirby is how simple he is, he is essentially just a round thing with hands, feet, eyes and is really good at sucking….kinda like (Nintendo Lee is a mother joke free zone) erm something that’s a pink ball, yeah that’s it. Now a thing about Kirby is that it has never been difficult at all, and that I think is a good thing for two reasons. First of all it lets new gamers in on the scene to a level where they don’t feel bad about dying every couple of minutes the second is to help gamers who have been brought up on RPG’s, FPS’ and sandbox games into the classic realm of platforming that is a staple for any gamer over the age of 20, but I digress.

Kirby’s epic yarn has already been out in the USA for a few months, and I’ve not heard many bad things at all. Again a simple plot involving Kirby eating a sock (seriously!) of some bad guy and is then transported into a land where he is made of wool. Sew (sorry!) how does this game look?

Visually this seems to have some sort of magic about it, it’s bright, colourful and is different in that you’re made of wool. My initial reaction to this is that it has the charm of the fantastic Paper Mario series which doesn’t take itself serious at all, from what I’ve seen you can remove stitchings to interact with the background or change the scenery. Other things include Kirby’s random power ups including a digger, a boarder and even a UFO.

Gameplay on this is the typical Wii platforming controls, on the side like a NES pad. It looks like a fantastic blend of visuals with really simple gameplay that I think would be great fun when you just need to chill for a couple of hours. I’m not usually a fan of the Kirby series but I am very excited about this game which is due out in the UK on the 25th February.


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  1. I had no idea this wasn’t out here yet! Most of my new(as with most gamers I suppose) comes stateside. As with EpicMickey, this is one of the Wii games that I have a genuine interest in seeing at some point! It just looks like a whole load o’ fun! Did you hear that originally it was not a Kirby game?

  2. Yes, it was going to be about Prince Fluff (who actually appears in game as Kirby’s friend).

  3. Come on Lee, everyone knows the best thing about Kirby is the powers! I loved the gamecube Kirby game where you were able to combine two different types of powers. Doesn’t look like you get to do that in this came, but the UFO power should be pretty sweet.

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