The other lot: The NGP

Next Generation Portable

I hope this isn’t the final name for the PSP2, it’s just a bit silly. What about when it’s released will it become the TGP? Exactly. Now I’m not going to go in all the ins and outs of the specs of this because frankly you can find it out there in cyberspace yourself. So what do I think of the NGP then? My first reaction was a tweet as so:  “Lee aged 25 Nintendo fan boy…thoughts on #NGP #PSP2 = droooool.”  So lets have a look at what I liked and didn’t like.

Likes: The fact it has a touch pad at the back, the amount of times where you’ve been playing a DS with a touch screen game and it blocks part of the viewing of said game. Exactly.

Dislikes: The fact it has a touch pad at the back, what if I lean on my knee with it and it does something like kills my character.

Likes: The fact it has Uncharted and COD on there, visually this is pretty impressive and most reports have said that it is PS3 quality.

Dislikes: The fact it has Uncharted and COD on there, it will be far too easy to just port the PS3 versions of the game onto it.

The fact it has a flash drive and not UMD, that way you can play with more than one game on the go.

Dislikes: Erm there’s nothing bad to say on this one. Though I will go on about the size, yeah I didn’t say I’d mention anything about the specs but this one is too hard to miss. Now length wise the unit is 7.2 inches (now I can easily make a dick joke here but I won’t) and as a whole this would be quite annoying to fit in the pocket.

Likes: The fact it has dual analogue stick which in turn will make for some very comfortable gameplay.

Dislikes: The fact it has dual analogue sticks which in turn will make for some very uncomfortable NGP in the pocket.

All in all this machine excites me, whether it’s the 3G option or not, the crystal visuals and the oomph in power. If that mixes well with stellar unique games and a cheap price this could be the first time Nintendo’s had a handheld rival for a long time. I’m sure the size and analogue side of thinks won’t be too much of a hassle if you carry a bag around with you. Good stuff.


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  1. Stormtrooper

    Once again, Lee with the good video game related article. I actually never heard anything about said device until now, and it’s very impressive. Of course Graphics are not the #1 priority for handheld gaming (otherwise PSP would have beaten DS, which it clearly didn’t).

    One thing I’d LOVE to hear is Battery life. I know technology has gotten better, but a system that powerful HAS to be deadly on battery life. If you can get more then 3 hours, I’d be surprised as all hell. In fact, I’d be surprised if it surpassed 2 hours.

  2. Muffin Top Merkley

    I’ve been hearing the issue of how the NGP might be near impossible to fit carry around inside a pocket, but I don’t see much weight to this argument. The Ipad can’t fit into a pocket either.

    I’m excited about this as it is good news for Playstation fans. I don’t think Sony will name this PSP2, as I believe they are trying to start from scratch and eliminate the negative stigma associated with the PSP.

    It will be interesting to see what the launch price point will be, as well as launch titles, battery life etc.

  3. That PSP2 looks sick, the graphics are almost like PS3 graphics. I still probably wouldn’t buy it, but I would be tempted because I think they’re releasing the Uncharted series for it, and that game looks awesome.

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