News: 3DS is it too pricey?

There’s only been one topic on the lips of every Nintendo fan the past week, and that is the 3DS. Finally a launch date is announced of the 25th March for Europe and the 27th March for the USA, the excitement of the launch date being earlier in the UK was destroyed almost initially by the pricing…USA were told it was going to cost $250 and we were told that it was up to retailers. The very cheapest it is in the UK is £195 or $308, so why we’re paying at least $58 more than the USA is beyond. But is it worth the price tag? Lets see:

Launch titles

The best Nintendo launch title?

What 3DS title are you most excited for? Is it Paper Mario? Mario Kart? Ocarina of Time? Any of the resident evil games? Metal Gear Solid? Pilotwings? StarFox64? Kid Icarus? Well by the looks of it neither of these are available at launch, though we do get the wonderful erm Nintendogs (+cats), Street Fighter IV which has essentially been available for a year on home consoles or the latest in the ongoing Rayman Raving Rabbids series. Sorry if I don’t get excited by the launch titles and as such don’t deem it worth its price for that.


Lets hope this one doesn't end in the sock draw

I must say this is a very nice bit of kit, if you were to buy a 3D camera at the moment that would set you back around about £250 so already you’re saving money on that. Plus there’s going to be some sort of deal with “Hollywood studios” and SkySports and EuroSport. What this means I don’t know exactly, but it’s likely going to be streamed or downloadable 3D movie and sport content. So you’re getting a 3D camera, and a 3D video player for £230 at the most? Sounds good to me, that gives justification to the price.


Will this be the case with the 3DS? Probably.

Without a shadow of a doubt this console will wipe the floor with demand. Remember when the DS lite launched? How about the Wii? Months and months it was before people could get it, I envision that’s the same with the 3DS. Many commentators have noted that the same will happen, with a realistic expectation of Christmas time before you’ll even get close to a non pre ordered copy. So the combination of the fact that I may not get one until this time next year makes me want to get one at launch

Long term

The list I noted earlier is enough for this, the games due out by Summer, the games that will be announced at E3, the hardware, the ability to play it sat on the toilet, plus I think they’ve got a few secrets up their sleeves makes me think that the 3DS price is justifiable.

However I still would like to know why Europe is paying between $58-$100 more than the USA.


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  1. Hmmm… I’m not convinced that this console will be that hard to get hold of. To have to wait over nine months for Joe Public to get their hands on one seems obscene.

    I suppose the 3D camera comment is valid, although I’ve not looked into this at all my self (nor seen a 3D picture either). I’m not sure the 3DS is ever going to be a substitute for a real camera though. What’s the internal storage like on these things? Can you store many of these (likely large) 3D pictures? And that’s before we even talk about movies…

  2. Not sure on internal memory, though it does have an SD slot.

    With regards to demand I am going off what the likes of MCV etc have said on the matter, though the play time on a fully charged unit is going to affect it a lot.

  3. Muffin Top Merkley

    I’ve read that the optimum playtime on the 3DS (with 3D turned off, the screen’s backlight turned down very low etc) is five hourse.

    As impressive the 3DS is, it all depends on the games that are available on or near launch that might determine the handheld’s availability.

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