Preview: Mario Sports Mix

This game is out this week in Europe and next week in North America and the UK next week. The weird thing about this is the developers: Square Enix. That’s right the team that brought you Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are attempting to bring you a sports game. They release a Mario Sports game in 2006 called Mario Hoops 3on3 (Mario Slam Basketball for the Europeans). I hated it, reviews were average at best however a lot can happen in five years.

So what is the mix of sports we have on offer? Well there’s Volleyball, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Dodgeball and Basketball. Here’s the trailer:

Reviews so far of this game are far from the best hovering around the average mark, but I believe that this could be pretty fun. In addition to the usual array of Mario characters there are expected to be FF characters including: The Ninja, Cactacular and Moogle as well as the Slime from the Dragon Quest a slime can play sports is beyond me, chances are it will be a cameo role and not a playable character.

Game modes include online multi-player and up to four players in a standalone game. I imagine this game is best played when you have a few friends over rather than sat by yourself. For some the lack of sports may be a big concern for some users but for most they’re happy to buy a golf, tennis, kart game etc. for Mario so why would they get bored with five sports?

My anticipation of this game is 3 out of 5 and it’s something I won’t rush to go out and buy but rather wait until the summer gaming drought hits!


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  1. Good post, Lee. I agree, this doesn’t look like a game that I would go out and buy; it just doesn’t look like it would be able to hold my interest for very long.

    One thing I noticed is that, at least in the trailer, the music sounded much more of that of an adventure/RPG game that Square Enix usually produces as opposed to a Mario game. It was very intense, quickly paced, and had kind of a mysterious dark side which is very different from the generally lighthearted Mario sound tracks.

  2. Muffin Top Merkley

    This game just doesn’t cut it for me as it doesn’t look like it could be any fun to play.

    I’ll pass on this one.

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